About Us


The name says it all: Waterworks Car Wash Denver offers, you guessed it, the works. A full-service car wash and detail facility, Waterworks Car Wash insists on thoroughness, quality, and efficiency no matter how big or small the job. Efficient in more ways than one, this green car wash doesn’t guzzle water and is named among the city’s certified facilities for efficient water use. In less than 12 minutes, Waterworks Car Wash can completely turn around the look of your car with a comprehensive detail that adds bumper-to-bumper sparkle. And starting at only $13.99, Waterworks offers the most affordable full-service car wash around.

Waterworks Car Wash Denver is among the city’s best. We will exceed the expectations of our customers, who expect quality, service, and value. We will innovate, advance, and adapt with our customers, while always striving for perfection of product and service.


Recycle and help save our environment! Approximately 150 gallons of water can be wasted in a ten-minute home car wash. Few people realize that washing cars in the driveway is one of the most environmentally un-friendly chores we can do around the house. At Waterworks Car Wash we recycle our water, we use eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals in every wash to help save the planet. So, come by and wash your car at Waterworks Car Wash in Denver.